Success Upon successes

2012 is starting out to be a success. Many exciting new things happening for our little start up. We will be inking new contracts soon with some great clients. It is wonderful to meet the many people from various organizations and companies with so much to offer the community and business world.

Everyone at Spreadsoft Oy brings unmeasurable talents to the table. We are excited about every one of them. Keep posted here for what will come next!


Vision Keeping

We here at Spreadsoft Oy wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a New Year full of promises fulfilled.

We, Riku, Arto, Ilona, Sebastian, Tuomas, and I have more visions to be made real. We have a fabulous team. We are having many vision keeping meetings, and learning sessions from each others skill-sets. We are working on the English translation of our site, Spreadsoft Oy. We will have a Swedish version up as well.

2012 is going to be the best year yet!

-Pamela Kilponen,
Sales Assistant, Social Media.

Know How Expo 2011

Our CEO Riku of Spreadsoft from The Original Entrepreneur, reports from Know How Expo 2011 Vaasa, Finland with Tecnical Director, Arto, and Sebastian.

My first impression is that we should do more tours to Expos. Expo is easy and fun place to meet new people, talk about business logic, IT-systems, plans and so on. We got one very nice idea from TEAK demonstrator to establish Excell education in Internet school via Silverlight based webpage. We gave nice ideas till exempel to windturbine gear manufacturer Moventas to modernize their database technology.

Read the whole thing.

The Original Entrepreneur

Riku Räihä, wrote a great entry for his blog The Original Entrepreneur “A Start-up. A Rock Band”. I would encourage all to read it. A great first entry from our CEO, and founder of Spreadsoft Oy!

It is a vision statement on our beginnings.